by Guillaume

transform, and grow.

to break through,

Inspiring people

Reveal what was invisible


No matter how complex you think it is, you are equipped to find your own answers to move forward. You will be guided as you find your way.

Get a better understanding of yourself. Go beyond your own limitations. Step out from your cavern and shine through the world with the success you deserve.

Learn what “stress” is and how to manage it with your own tools, unleash your full potential, be at your best and improve your productivity.

Create a relationship based on love and kindness, with compassion overcome all the obstacles. Have a better awareness and understanding of your companion.

About Guillaume

For over a decade, Guillaume has been inspiring transformations. His calm, wise presence creates a peaceful space to relax and share. He pierces through what does not serve you, and encourages you to see the deeper truths you have hidden within yourself for so long.

Coaching Services

Guillaume’s work is about inspiring people to get through limitations and beliefs that hold them back. He guides them to find solutions where they are stuck, break free from vicious cycles, and get clarity on subconscious behaviors. They then refocus their energy to create their dream life.

Key leadership coaching to skillfully navigate stress management among employees and engage their motivation to enhance efficiency and effectiveness.

Overcome obstacles, generate new ideas, evolve your business model, and improve relationships.


Inspire you to focus on innovative technologies and techniques, sales growth and expansion into new businesses, and invest in your employees.


Guillaume coaches and consults beyond geographical limits.